Daria Kilburn, MBA,
E-YT500+, NHPC registered

Daria started practicing yoga in her late twenties and throughout her life always being a competitive athlete in horse back riding and training horses, yoga was not something that came really easy to her. It was and sometimes still is a struggle to overcome the powerful ego inside and surrender, surrender to the beauty of the yoga practice and the stillness of the mind through meditation.

In her early 30s Daria started teaching yoga in Austria, her home country. In 2012 she made a life changing decision to marry her soul mate and move with her horse to Canada – this is when she became fully devoted to teaching yoga and practicing JSJ-acupressure at her home practice at Wizard Lake.

Ashtanga yoga and Yin/Restorative yoga  are the two styles that make Daria complete and feeling at home wherever she might be: teaching retreats or workshops in Europe, Mexico or across Canada.

Among my teachers of yoga and wholistic therapies are: Mary Burmeister (JSJ), Dr. Jamuna Mishra (Dr. of Ayurveda & Hatha Yoga – Guriji), Natalie Rousseau (E-RYT500+), Josh Summers (Yin Yoga & Mindfulness), Til Luchau (Myofacial Techniques), David Robson (Ashtanga Yoga Toronto), Janet Hawkins (AYC), Tim Feldmann (Miamilifesenter), Melissa Wasserfall (True Yoga).

“Happiness is an inside job and yoga is the path that takes you there” Daria K.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” -Buddah-

It is the true inner smile from the inside out, from the soul, from the heart that makes every day simply fantastic! Be in the NOW and enjoy every moment…just BE!” Daria K.


Daily Mantra


Daria Kilburn


I am ready for my wounds to heal

I am ready for my heavy heart to lighten

I am ready to face pain & transfer it into pleasure

I am ready to make room for love & Love alone

I am ready to give up fear, to sit it out

I am ready to stay & not run away

I am ready for the Light & Love to guide me through Life

I am ready for ME

I am ready for YOU

I am ready…

Daria K. 2017

Take a deep breath and admire all the amazing things and blessings life has to offer.