JSJ-Acupressure Self Help Book I, II & III


JSJ acupressure is an ancient Asian art that helps us to eliminate causes of our daily stress and tension. JSJ works with activating the individual’s self-healing capacities by stimulating different SEL-points in the body (also known as meridians, or energy pathways through the body). In this class you will learn the basic daily maintenance flows, learn how to harmonize attitudes: worry, fear, anger, sadness… and how to access and release accumulations in your physical body.
Join Daria for a day (9am – 5pm) of discovering your own, innate healing powers and how to work with them. Water/coffee/tea & small snacks will be provided and we will have a longer lunch break.

Price: $ 140.00 Price includes: participation, book, handouts, certificate of completion, coffee/tea & snacks. If you already took this class & want to repeat the material and have a book – please call / email for price inquiries